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Cleaning ServicesForget about the dirty windows with our professional window cleaning service. We can help you get the light back inside your home. Call us to hear the latest offers we have for you and learn about our other services. With our help the Spring cleaning will be done in a blink! You can find us 24/7 and book the service for the date that suits you best. The cleaners work even through the weekends and the holidays. The work is performed by certified cleaners and according to high cleaning standards.

Recognize the Quality Window Washing Service in Banstead Area

Stay on track with your busy schedule while we do the dirty work for you. Once the cleaners arrive they will inspect the windows that need cleaning. They will set up the equipment and get busy. The cleaners use different technique when cleaning the windows inside and out. It is also important the floor they work on and the size of the window.

The standard equipment of the window cleaners includes a water-fed pole, ladder, detergent and cleaning materials. With those tools the professionals can wash even the hard to reach spots of exterior windows, sashes, window sills, skylights and conservatories. When working outside the cleaners use the water-fed pole system to clean the windows from the ground. The pole has a brush that removes all dried dirt and the strong water pressure washes it all away. Detergents are rarely used when cleaning on the outer side of the window. This is because the great amount of the cleaning solution can be dangerous to the cleaner and bad for the environment. That is why we chose our services to be performed with an ionized water. This safe method leaves the glass spotless and causes no damage to the exterior of your house. The extra benefit to the window washing method we use is that there are no spots from the water.

Cleaning ServicesWhen dealing with stained glass or cleaning inside the houses the cleaners use the good old-fashioned ladder, detergents, a squeegee and a dry cloth. The window cleaning inside the house is a delicate work since all mistakes remain visible. That is why the cleaners are trained and skillful in their job. The professionals in Banstead are fully insured and bring their equipment with themselves. All you have to provide is water source and electricity.

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Our professional window cleaning service is perfect for any residential and commercial building. Our clients often prefer to take advantage of the offers and discounts of other services. This way by giving us more work, you save money. The individual quote allows every time you hire us to get the same cleaning service. You may also make changes and add or remove cleaning services from the quote according to your needs.

Our Banstead contact number is 020 3026 2269. You can also reach us on our chat facility or fill in the online booking form. Call us 24/7 with inquiries on the services or to create your individual quote. You will get the best offers and discounts we have at the moment. You will also choose the date of the window cleaning and the windows you want us to wash for you. Contact us today and get the professional service for your house and pocket!

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